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Shit, why haven’t I seen this before.

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13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
dlm. again for now and forever.

um also partially myself bc most of my conflict is my own fault.

Admitably, this is probobly the closest I would ever get to a confession.

Dumb Bitch.

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7:21 PM - Helios127: how come it is easier for people to belive I am just some creepy guy with no redemption? I guess hitler was right, people will beleive any lie no matter how large if you tell it to them enough.
4:22 PM - Tenda in Love: people tend to believe the lowest energy state system
4:22 PM - Tenda in Love: do you know about energy states?
7:22 PM - Helios127: no
4:22 PM - Tenda in Love: in chemistry, when an atom picks up a charge it needs to get rid of it
4:23 PM - Tenda in Love: you’re like the charge in the system
4:23 PM - Tenda in Love: everyone looks for a configuration where the atoms fit into the proper molecules and there is no spare charges
4:23 PM - Tenda in Love: so that means that shaon’s bad guy story needs an iredeemable bad guy
4:24 PM - Tenda in Love: it’s the most comfortable, steady state, easy story
4:24 PM - Tenda in Love: it’s the simplest story if they take the few facts and put them on a map
4:25 PM - Tenda in Love: they will draw the easiest, laziest conclusions about you and walk away from it
4:25 PM - Tenda in Love: because they have no reason to invest energy into it and therefore cause a different atomic arrangement
4:25 PM - Tenda in Love: they’ll never be invested into it, so they’ll never see your side
4:25 PM - Tenda in Love: does that make sense?
7:25 PM - Helios127: yeah, sadly
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The Avengers - Video Game Gameplay Footage

i wrote it years ago, the company folded. great game too. too bad

Played the prototype at Brian’s house during an AvX retreat once.


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So I went to the somethingsensitive site.

I really dont think I will be going back. Its just SJW and Goon bashing, which while I approve of this, its not a replacement for the gaming and warhammer threads. Also got insulted when I asked about such things. Whatever, yknow?

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Okay, this thing is cool. It lets you vandalise web pages… but the things you do are invisible. THEY CAN ONLY BE SEEN BY OTHER PEOPLE USING THE GOGGLES HOW COOL
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So Imma post my stompa in progress once I get it.

Getting an Ork Stompa for my b-day. Sweet.

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Yeah, Im reactivating my blog.

Would write a good peice about my bully (Conor Coderre, Christopher somethingorother she calls herself now, Ketchupface) but right now I am way too tired.

Suffice to say, I was going to keep this ‘deactivated’ until I had a good chance to expose her. And with recent intel… I dont have to. She has submitted fully to the way of the SJW. There is little to her now then a hollow shell

Good fucking riddance

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They Try
To beat me
But they will not ever defeat me
This time we are on my battleground