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Why the hell are you even talking about GamerGate on tumblr of all places? It's not a tumblr thing, it's a 4chan movement you dumb ass shit. Don't fucking try to bring your tumblr bullshit into this movement which has fuck all to do with tumblr. We don't want any of you killing it by bringing it to the attention of sjws.
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…… what?

casual reminder that gamergate has basically gone to shit and is at this point just as bad as the opposition

So here’s what happened: GamerGate basically went absolutely nowhere after a couple weeks. It was hijacked by slacktivists and general dumbasses and they call kept going “WE’RE WINNING!”, “THEY’RE SCARED OF US!”, and the threads turned into huge circlejerks where anyone who join in got called a shill. A few days ago, they kept flagging someone trying to get attention towards that fuck-awful Zoe Quinn article on Cracked because they didn’t want to talk about Quinn (more on that in a second), the mods were “this is okay, don’t flag it”, and being the smart cool guys they are, they insulted the mods for not doing what they told them, mods had enough of their shit and banned GamerGate threads, and this caused the remaining GamerGaters to COMPLETELY LOSE THEIR SHIT. And then Moot stepped in and revealed that another reason for banning GamerGate was because the advertiser petitioning thing (one of only two things they were bothering to do) was technically a softcore raid because it was all happening entirely on /v/.

Now GamerGaters are screaming censorship, and calling everyone who’s not on their side SJWs who are from Tumblr, and shoving their bullshit in everyone’s faces because VIDEO GAME JOURNALISM IS THE BIGGEST DEAL IN THE WORLD, YOU GUYS.

Why? Remember how I said they weren’t talking about Quinn? Early on, people advised everyone to not just badmouth Quinn and Sarkeesian and etc. because they would just make them look good. GamerGaters, being dumbasses, took that as “don’t mention these people and ignore them completely”, which was a horrendous idea because most news sites just keep rehashing the “GAMERGATE IS A MISOGYNIST MOVEMENT” bullshit and no one is disproving this with all the evidence that Zoe Quinn is a liar and that harassment is nothing remotely new in gaming culture, much less unique to women.

The reason for all this “Tumblr SJW” talk is because people (myself included) said these people that hijacked GamerGate were probably from Tumblr, because this is the home of lazy activism and angry idiots who don’t know or care about their own causes. GamerGaters- once again, being dumbasses- didn’t realize we were talking about them and just like SJWs before them, stole all these words and started tossing them around without knowing what they mean.

So in a nutshell, GamerGate somehow turned into Tumblr.

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Insanely awesome picture of the burnt man

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Description: А его я зову Криворожкой, угадайте почему?))))) Прааальна, потому что сама я Криворучка! #вархаммер #ваха #миниатюры #хаос #избранные #whLarda #wh40k #warhammer #warhammer40000 #miniatures #toys #rainbow #darkvengeance #темнаяместь #chaos
Author: larda_cheshko on Instagram
Date: September 12, 2014 at 11:54AM

Now THAT is one fucking chaos champion!
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Lol who runs Nurgletown? #daemons #gamesworkshop #warhammer40k #chaos via Instagram

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Rocket Racoon & Groot: Leon The Professional

Artist: Mike S. Miller

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